Shit Cell Phone Users (Shouldn’t) Say

“BRB, CYA, 2moro, 2nite, GR8, J/K, L8R, LMAO, LOL, OMG, ROTFLMAO, WTF”

WHAT YOU’RE REALLY SAYING: I’m a seventh-grade girl.

THE FIX: Use your words.

THE POINT: You’re an adult addressing another adult. Take an extra three seconds to type out complete words and phrases. You’ll likely discover how generic (and imprecise) these anachronistic sentiments actually are.

Ever-evolving technology, though, must be accompanied by ever-evolving modifications to behavior and social grace. Be accountable. Your word is still your bond, ladies and gentlemen.

via Kempt – Shit Cell Phone Users (Shouldn’t) Say.


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