Jake Spurlock lives in Concord, California. Married with three children. He likes spending time outdoors, ideally on two wheels.

He volunteers a lot of time with Continental Little League. He has coached and been on the board for the last five years.

While he used to blog a lot more, Twitter is where most of the time is wasted currently.

You can also follow on Instagram.

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  • https://t.co/Hwc8tTQq33
    pic.twitter.com/Hwc8tTQq33— Jake Spurlock (@whyisjake) November 28, 2022
  • RT @gregbeacham: You need to…
    You need to look at what Caleb Williams had painted on his fingernails for Notre Dame tonight (photo by AP’s Mark Terrill) pic.twitter.com/Ixyz1DTPBm— Greg Beacham (@gregbeacham) November 27, 2022
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    It is official, ladies & gentlemen. This kid @CALEBcsw of @uscfb has just secured the Heisman Trophy. It’s not even anything to talk about after what I’ve seen everyone else do today. It’s Williams of @uscfb y’all. Period!— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) November 27, 2022
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