1. Jake, did what? vote in your own fall? You don’t have your own company do you? And now you just want to give the Government your own hard work. Thanks a lot. look at this and see what you got us into: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20081105/D948HR689.html
    it is one small point of what you have been throwing down onto people. You think any big Government cares about what you do? Chalk up another great decision… I’m just glad I didn’t buy into what you are selling this time.

  2. Jake
    Change we can believe in? Oh Please! You were just a twinkle in the sky when Mao offered China a change… by similar language and promises. It was called “The Common Rice Bowl.”

    You were dancing with the angels when the Berlin Wall went up. Millions of people suffered and died under such progressive governments. So much for “change.”

    As a girl… In school, we were taught what socialist doctrines were… so we could identify them and beware.

    I think socialist philosophy has crept into our school systems ever so cunningly that it’s not recognized as socialism. One of the biggest red flags… is taking from the rich and giving it to the poor.. who have not earned it.

    By the way… I want to be rich. Don’t you?

    There is a sense of entitlement in this country that sickens me.

    Last night Obama called for Sacrifice… I assure you, Obama has an agenda for what that means.

    His talk about sacrifice and service is just the redirick Mao used to form the student”Red Guard” during the Cultural Revolution which resulted in massive death and destruction.

    I’ll be the one who determines what, when and where I make my sacrifices… thank you very much.

    While in China…back in the country, I met a factory owner who had been a wealthy physicist who was dragged out of his home by the Red Guard (a volunteered youth group). He was beaten, and hauled off to the country and lock in a closet for months. His home was destroyed… his possessions stolen and given to others. He was there to be “reeducated” to a new way of thinking. He never went back to the city but stayed in the country and started a wood factory that makes Whirly Gigs to put in your garden. He said, “They could never make me change my thinking.”

    What a waste of talent…his gift to the world was destroyed…all because he was rich. The Government just needed to even things out a bit. For the sake of fairness of course!

    Mark my word.. Obama will be asking young people to volunteer for service groups. When that happens… I’m heading for the hills.

    Dr. Li Zhisui, Mao’s personal physician had this to say: “Mao was a marvelous actor. He could sentence a retainer to exile with a story so convincing that the victim back out bowing in gratitude.” Hmmmmmmm!

    Love ya Jake Spurlock… I think our generations are showing.


  3. Originally Posted By Kathy Griffiths
    By the way… I want to be rich. Don’t you? There is a sense of entitlement in this country that sickens me.

    Kathy, I want to be rich, who doesn’t? I am far more right leaning then I lead onto, I promise. The thing that I see with Obama is that hope that we can be an even greater nation then we already are. You see socialist programs like red china and the great wall. I see programs that allow me to sleep at night, not worried about being crippled, not by an accident, but by medical bills for my family. You see hostile take overs, I see incentives for great people to get better jobs as teachers in our schools. I also see someone that has a clear view of technology. Someone that wants to keep the internet a free and clear exchange of ideas. This is the guy that has an iPhone, a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Not a guy that is afraid of computers, and can’t remember how many houses he has. He offers change in a beauracratic government that I can believe in.

    That is why he got my vote.

  4. Jake
    To tell you the truth… I’ve never been crazy about McCain. I don’t know how he got there. But, I thought he was the lesser of two evils.

    I really think there is someone in the “wings” who will eventually come forward and make a change and a difference and still hold true to the original constitution.

    I have a feeling this will be only a one term Pres. Could be wrong… we’ll just wait and see.

    I’ll admit…I think Bush has been a joke of jokes. I have always believed he was a puppet being lead around by very powerful people who would benefit by a World Order. I just hope Obama steers clear of agreements that would lead us in that direction.

    Before yesterday, I believed… who ever ended up as Pres. would get the “hell” beat out of him. I don’t envy his journey.

    As Americans, we need to stay strong… hunker down and stay true to solid values and principles. If we don’t … we’ll all go under despite who is in office.

    It’s really up to us!

    Speaking of health care… I’m eligible for Medicare this year.. Yuk! But I don’t get my Social S. until next year. I don’t want to make a year’s worth of Medicare payments… so I ask if I could refuse to take it. You know.. give the government a break!

    Guess what… I must take it or be penalized every month that I don’t. Here is a citizen who doesn’t want government services.. but is force to take them anyway. Go figure! This is the type of thing that drives me crazy.

    In addition…going to the Social S office and sitting there with all those ….well…you know… gives me a rash.

    In fact… did you know that all Social S. offices have full time police security. I talked to the guy. I said, “I thought the IRS would be the place they would need police security.” “Nope,” he said, “People who have IRS problems are actually quite intelligent…enough said.”

    “Got it!”

    Sorry… but I don’t want one red dime of mine going to the guy sitting across from me with dred locks, tattos, and his butt crack showing.
    Disable… my —-. The only thing disabled was his brain. You should have heard the conversation he had with some other looser.

    Cut your hair… pull up your pants and go to work!

    Anyway… enough is enough! I need to get back and tend to my own business… and make a million dollars so I can share it with “butt crack.”

    Thanks Jake… good talking with you.


  5. One of my favorite quotes is; “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”

    Obama is truly an unknown when it comes to his “agenda” – analogies to the Red Guard and other atrocities are interesting while in my humble opinion based on a comparison of fear.

    I have bought into the message of Obama and will gladly accept his decisions and recommendations unless he proves himself incapable of living up to less than 10% of the expectations he is facing.

    That 10% is an improvement to where we currently sit.

    Great dialogue Jake, Keep it up.


  6. I agree that a lot of the stuff going around about Obama is based on fear and is probably unlikely to happen. The things that really do worry me though are the things that he openly admits–his stance on issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, Second Amendment rights, etc. My views differ greatly from his platform, and anything positive that he may stand for as far a medical reform or anything else is overshadowed by his stance on those moral issues. Also, I do not (and I’m sure never will) make over $250,000. But what he wants to do is wrong. People should have the agency to decide how to spend their own money. I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Are they gonna drop a bomb or not.

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