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RT @ChuckReynolds: THANKS OBAMA @965KOIT:…

RT @ChuckReynolds: THANKS OBAMA @965KOIT: Pic: traffic is rough in the city due to #Obama http://t.co/BqhCLDowB6


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What they’re “protecting” us from

I side with the makers, the creators, and the inventors, and its about time that the pack of clamoring would-be politicians be put on the defensive for attacking the values of those of us on this side.

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Yes We Did


Yes We Did – Waxy.org


Because Scarlett, and that dude from that Black Eyed Peas says too… Oh, and Obama.

American Stories, American Solutions

For a long time now, I have been supporting Barack Obama. I think that he is a great leader that supports people like me. That he has the best interests of normal people in mind. He supports industry, entrepreneurship, and technology. Yesterday, October 29th, Barack ran a 30 minute infomercial on seven major networks. I thought it was awesome. Aside from the exceptional production value, the real message hit home to me. Barack offers more then a change in leadership in the White House, he offers change that we all can believe in. Change in how we live as Americans. 

For young people like me, we all need to take the time to vote. Even in one of the reddest states in the Union, Utah, we still need to hit the polls, and vote. If you missed the video last night, I have posted it below.

Obama – Biden: Change we can believe in


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