Phlogging Day 10: Basement Studio Shoot…

Well, look what we did here. We got some drywall up, and turned the basement into a photo studio. Nick brought some lights courtesy of SLCC, and we set up shop. Here is a few, enjoy the full thing after the break.

More after the break, but you need to click on that continue link…

3 thoughts on “Phlogging Day 10: Basement Studio Shoot…

  1. Heather Spurlock

    I like the lighting. It does wonders. Looks like you also had fun. The first pictures were with a thought a staple gun until you had some side shots.

  2. chrissy Freeman

    Jake, Chrissy Freeman here (Melissa’s girl-hood friend)… Had to stop by and say how intrigued I am by these shots. Well done! And I saw your wish-list for Amazon, that fixed-focus lens camera… that would be an awesome purchase!


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