Melissa, spotlighted.

What a hottie...
What a hottie...

Melissa was spotlighted in R.S. this last week, and I wanted to share the note. She left it up on the bulletin board, which in my mind is something that is begging to be blogged. Following this notion, next is Jordan Duke’s wedding announcement, pics of Ty and Ashley, and lotsa pictures of Parker, Caleb, and Maren.

Before we get distracted, here is the profile.

Melissa Spurlock grew up in Fremont California in a family of four children, two younger sisters and a older brother. Melissa attended BYU and received her Bachelors and Masters in Accounting. She considers finding such an amazing man who wanted to marry her in the temple one of her greatest accomplishments. She and Jake are expecting their first baby in February. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys cooking, gardening, the outdoors, and crafts, not scrapbooking though. She loves Spring (after it stops snowing), anything barbecued, Saturdays, her hairdryer, and her washing machine. One of Melissa’s favorite scents is her toilet bowl cleanser (Lysol Country scent). If she could wake up and do anything tomorrow she sould explore a tropical island with lots of pineapple and waterfalls (but no bugs or varmints). Melissa currently serves as a assistant secretary in the primary…

What a sweetheart. Some interesting stats:

  • We have now been married for 1274 days.
  • Or 3 years, 5 months, 25 days
  • Or 110,073,600 seconds
  • Or1,834,560 minutes
  • Or 30,576 hours
  • Or 182 weeks

My how the time has passed…

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