4K On The Timeline


Wow…. who loves HD? I do! For those of you that don’t live and breath video editing, one of the big pushes in world of film making is pushes towards High Definition. A standard TV program is encoded in a format called DV-NTSC. This means that there is roughly 720×480 pixels on the screen. When you got to HD, you can push from 480 pixels to 720, or recently 1080 lines of vertical lines of resolution. What is really cool, and the what is the budding technology of the future, is that People will soon be able to go beyond the 1080 lines of resolution, and reach 4000 lines of resolution.

A friend of mine and I have been wondering, how in the heck are we as editors (and computer nerds) going to be able to edit this high resolution video when video cards in computers only support up to 2k on the timeline. The answer comes with healthier, stronger video cards, beefy processors with lots of RAM, and now, the Redcode codec.

This new camera is going to be putting 4k on the timeline, and as such, allowing a $17,000 camera to work with a $4000 computer. Rather then having to use an $80,000 camera with a $100,000 proprietary, black-box, system.

God bless America.


  1. Totally agree with you. I think that it would be great to even see something in the $3-4K range. Really taking the mysterium chip, and changing it to a 1/2 or 1/3 sensor would be awesome. Even if it only offered 720P or maybe 1080P. A camera like this is what pushes not only technology, but creativity further. When people see the kind of images that these next generation cameras of the future can produce, the look and feel of cinema will just get better.

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