On The Beauty Of Facebook

Picture 2.pngIt is one thing to create a site, and something else to create a thing of beauty that can integrate into a major browsing experience. I spend a lot of time online, I don’t regret this, I see it as the way of the future.

(Insert creepy video of Leonardo DiCaprio in the Aviator: The way of the future… The way of the future…)

One of my favorite findings is the newish feature in Facebook, called Sharing. I was thinking to myself today, the one thing that Facebook really is lacking is the ability to share and distribute content.

As i was reading the Facebook Blog today, I stumbled upon the sharing posts. With a single link in your bookmark bar, you can immediatly share all kinds of content from the web. Pretty slick. This quickly and easily allows you to share images, videos, blog posts within and outside of Facebook. Just another reason that I love Facebook way more then that other big social website


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