Insomnia Film Festival

Some friends of mine have made a great short that has been entered into the Insomnia Film Festival. Take a look and have give them a vote, I would sure appreciate it. You can find the video here.

Why You Should Go To Film School…

Well, my last post about college caused a stir. I guess that was the point. Just to clarify, I wrote that on April 1, 2007, or, in the free-world April Fools Day. I thought that it would be a fun joke to plan on my family and friends. My mother-in-law, and wife are going toContinue reading “Why You Should Go To Film School…”

Why I Have Decided To Drop Out Of College

I have decided that I am done with college. It is difficult, I am a little worried about the reality of my decisions, but I think that it is the right thing to do. I have been going to Utah Valley State College for the last three years, pursuing a degree in Multimedia Communications Technology,Continue reading “Why I Have Decided To Drop Out Of College”