Install Facebook Home on Nexus 4

Facebook Home on Nexus 4

In (eager) anticipation of getting Google Glass on Saturday, I ordered up a fancy schmanzy Google Nexus 4. I wanted to try out Facebook Home but was disappointed that it wasn’t inline with the supported devices. Luckily, there are some enterprising folks out there that have gone through the difficult work of opening up the software to other phones.

You can install Facebook home in three simple steps.

  1. Remove all Facebook apps that are currently installed on your phone.
  2. Download this zip file, and transfer contents to phone.
  3. Using an app like APK Installer, install the three apps in this order:
    1. com.facebook.katana.apk
    2. com.facebook.home.apk
    3. fborca243.apk

After that, you are all set! Launch Facebook, and allow it to take over the home screen. Pretty cool, and a nice new Android interface.

via XDA Developers

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