Utah WordPress Meetup

WordPress Logo A few weeks ago at the January Geek/Blogger dinner Thom Allen, Joseph Scott, Spencer King and I were all talking about how cool it would be if there was a time when WordPress developers/users/designers could get together and hash out whatever they were working on with the collective body of users. So, in the community nature of WordPress, I decided to put something together for next week. If you are new to WordPress, a seasoned vet, or somewhere in between, you would likely get something out of this meeting. If anything, come for the snacks. I am going to commit my wife to making some delicious bananna bread. (Will you honey?)


Location: Casa de Spurlock (My House)

Time: Wednesday, 18th of March 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Topics: Anything that you want to talk about. I just got a new TV that we can hook up laptops too, so bring your lappy, and examples of what you are working on. If we do have a good response, I will see about moving to a larger location, but we should be ok… (I know, famous last words…)

Event Registration on Upcoming.org

Twitter hash tag: #utwordpress


  1. @George Loch – George, no momentum! You must not have heard about WordCamp Utah last September. There is a great WordPress community here in Utah. The goal of course, is to get people to know each other, and build the community.

  2. I would love to come! Is there a ‘code word’ at the door? Like….”The Jungle music was great last night?” Or will a simple knock suffice? πŸ™‚

    Oh right, this is Utah…so am I required to “travel in pairs” ? If so, I just need some advance notice to round someone up. Apparently, you can’t just ‘steal people’. They have laws against it….well now…anyway! LOL

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