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Google Glass, Bootstrap, and more…

From the aforementioned post, there is a video up now of my smiling face talking about my Bootstrap book, Google Glass and Maker Faire. I’m kind of a total cheeseball, but my wife/kids/mom like me so it works out. 🙂



RT @michael_silva: @whyisjake live streaming…

RT @michael_silva: @whyisjake live streaming from #fluent about his #bootstrap book! http://t.co/spMlgCShiD

WordCamp Salt Lake 2012

Gave a talk at WordCamp Salt Lake a few months ago, and thought I would link to the slides. I created them using the slide framework that was developed for Google I/O. My talk was titled Bootstrap, Responsive Theme Development. I talked a lot about generic HTML/CSS things, with a few WordPress specific tricks. Turned out pretty well, I hope to do it again someday.

Bootstrap, Responsive Theme Development