Monetize All the Things

Was a pleasure today to speak about how Condé Nast is making money using third-party distribution services. The presentation was recorded, and I’ll update this post when it goes live. Slides can be found below. Monetize All the Things from Jake Spurlock

What the WordPress REST API Means for Javascript Developers

What the WordPress REST API Means for Javascript Developers from Jake Spurlock Pumped to be speaking at the OpenWest about WordPress, and specifically the REST API. I actually spoke at this same event 7 years ago, when it was the Utah Open Source conference. Glad to be back, and thanks to Victor Villa and SteveContinue reading “What the WordPress REST API Means for Javascript Developers”

Building Javascript Apps with the WordPress JSON API

I had the great fortune to speak at LoopConf this last weekend among a fantastic group of people about the WordPress JSON API, and how we are using it to build new apps at WIRED. Building Javascript Apps with the WordPress JSON API – LoopConf 2015 from Jake Spurlock Slides can also be downloaded here Building JavascriptContinue reading “Building Javascript Apps with the WordPress JSON API”

Create a list of categories and tags in WordPress

This is more for personal use I suppose. Once upon a time, I needed to create a unified list of categories and tags for a post. I went about it the wrong way, getting all of the terms  for both, merging them using array_merge() and then looping through the list to get generate an unorderedContinue reading “Create a list of categories and tags in WordPress”

WordCamp Salt Lake 2012

Gave a talk at WordCamp Salt Lake a few months ago, and thought I would link to the slides. I created them using the slide framework that was developed for Google I/O. My talk was titled Bootstrap, Responsive Theme Development. I talked a lot about generic HTML/CSS things, with a few WordPress specific tricks. TurnedContinue reading “WordCamp Salt Lake 2012”

Use wp_trim_words to limit words in WordPress

Using wp_trim_words allows us to limit the title and excerpt, and anything else really, to a particular number of words. How practical a name. You can define the number of words to limit them to, and also define what you’d like the “more” text to be. via Use wp_trim_words to limit words in WordPress.

YouTube Embederrator

Needed a simple WordPress function to provide a way to build a YouTube video embed. This is a nice little trick. All you need to do is add a custom field that has a key of Big_Video and the value of the ID of the YouTube video. [php] function js_youtube_embed($width,$height) { global $wp_query; $big_video =Continue reading “YouTube Embederrator”


One of my favorite things about WordPress is its extensibility. We’re on the same platform today as yesterday, but have built new tools for writers and editors. Featured and pinned articles get expiration dates, so editors don’t have to go back and manually un-feature things. Selecting a post layout is as simple as clicking a button. Automated resizingContinue reading “The CMS”

Raptorize This

An awesome jQuery plugin that unleahes a Raptor of Jurassic proportions… Well, technically it’s Cretaceous proportions, but we’ll let that slide for now. WE’VE ALL BEEN HERE BEFORE… You’re sitting at your desk, coding up a 500 page site, knee-deep in Extreme Cheddar Doritos sipping on a liter of Code Red Mountain Dew when you realize…this pageContinue reading “Raptorize This”