Maybe I should have denied it…

But where is the fun with that?

So, the other day we went to see our friends Ryan and Kim at the hospital. Kim just had had their second little bundle of joy the day before, and Melissa is dying to hold babies, wants to support our friends so we headed up to SLC. After socializing a little, Ryan was leaving to go to his sister’s b-day party down the road at Training Table. So, I offered to help him take a few things down to the car. As we headed for the elevator, we were both holding the hands of his daughter Nora, swinging her in the air. As we got in the elevator, I kept holding her hand. (We have noticed with her, anything that interrupts that status quo is only remedied by hysteria…)

One floor down, a couple of nurses got on, and asked how old Nora was. Ryan responded that she was two. They said that she was just soooo cute. Then, the quote du jour, that WE, as in RYAN AND I, have done such a good job with her… Cute. Ryan and I.

Apparently the new politically correct rule is that when in doubt, assume the two dudes in the elevator are gay. The only way that I could think to respond without creating a fuss was to say, yes we have, and walk away from the elevator laughing.

Your Ski Day Routine

You know, I have a routine, not that complicated, but not that simple either when I go skiing in the morning. I want to encourage some discussion here, so after I share mine, you need to leave a comment, write a blog post, send an email, rocks in the sand, someway, you need to share your story too.

Here is how it starts…
When I am leaving to go skiing in the morning, I pull all of my gear off of the floor heater that it has been sitting on since I went last time. The gear may have been there for one day, sometimes over a week. It gives my house that “I just went skiing” scent that all the ladies love. (Especially my wife.) All of that get tossed in the car and I head up to my favorite quick stop, the 7/11 on Bangerter near I-15.

Now, I have what many doctor describe as a “Rock Star Diet”. This includes drinking at least 150 oz. of Dr. Pepper a day, and following up with mostly fried foods. This diet is what makes me one of the best skiers/bloggers on this side of the Wasatch Front. You may look into this diet in training for the Wasatch Back, St. George Marathon, and the Olympics.

Follow up the Dr. Pepper with a couple Go-Go Taquitos, and I am set.

A little gas in the Ski Buggy, (btw, how many iterations of ski buggy license plates exist here in Utah? My neighbors have three, my cousins one, I see them on the freeway all the time… Blows my proverbial mind.) Gas was only $1.90 when I filled up the other day, some kind of a miracle. This can only really mean one thing too, more skiing.

With all of the gear in my Hybrid Escalade (Read: 93′ Subaru Impreza) It is up to the hills!

What is your routine?

Solitude Food…

I think that a lot of people are like me when I say that one of the best parts of the day is when you get to do a little R&R in the lodge at your favorite ski hill. You get some delicious food, and sometime with friends. Well, I like taking pictures of food, and have been for a long time now been including those pics right within the posts about the day. I think that they might need a little more distinction, so here we go…

Solitude Moonbeam Lodge

The Western Burger

At the Moonbeam lodge, you will find all kinds of resort foods, but for me today, the Western Burger jumped out as the clear choice for something special. With a couple onion rings, bacon, jalepeno cheese and tangy BBQ sauce, I was in heaven.

Carrot Cake

What better to follow up with, then a nice piece of Carrot Cake.

As a side note, Carrot Cake has always held a special place in my family heritage. My mom, basically stole my dad’s car in college (pre-dating) He had a sweet little Triumph TR-3. While the grand theft auto was taking place, she ripped the muffler off the car somehow… Rather the fixing the car, she did what any happy BYU coed would do, and made him a carrot cake… The rest is history.

So, Carrot Cake brings people together, and makes a day on the mountain excellent. At the Moonbeam Lodge, check out the Greek salad, the Chicken Caesar Wrap, (and salad). Lots of good eats at Solitude.

Solitude, Season Opener: Recap

Well, look at this, November 14th, and another mountain to shred has opened up here in great state of Utah. Solitude, which was the first to open last year, and had a reputation to keep up this time around. As I was driving up the canyon this morning, I have to tell you. I had one of those perma-grins on my face. I was pumped that we have been so fortunate for the early snow this season. If y’all recall to last year, there was some early openings, then a huge draught in the snowfall. It took until early December before the snow really started falling. 

So, what’s new at Solitude? Well, if high speeds lifts are your fancy, then you are in luck, there is a pair of them new this year, the Apex Express, and the Moonbeam Express. This, in my humble blogging opinion, is awesome. I love skiing at Solitude, my only complaint previously was the older lifts. This problem, now has been effectively eradicated. Getting to the top has never been easier.

Melissa Has Been Busy…

From her blog

I thought I should just mention that this has been a BIG week for me – Monday I went grocery shopping for the first time in a LONG time (2 hours and $200 later… yipee); yesterday I cleaned the kitchen, made dinner, baked 5 batches of cookies, AND folded 2 large loads of laundry; and today I blogged.  Watch out, productive world out there, here I come!

You go girl.