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We have a little neighborhood get together with people that work in the tech industry. I gave a little presentation on Twitter last night. I gave a general overview, and then shared some of the tools that I use with Twitter. 

Twitter Presentation

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TwitterMail creates tweets from a discrete email address. I use it to forward emails from the Salt Lake County Sheriffs department on canyon operations. In user here.


TwitterFeed takes an RSS feed, and the publishes an excerpt too Twitter.


Takes care of the tedious work of following people back that you follow. Also adds auto follow messages when someone follows you. Social surveys have recently been added too.


Nice Air app that gives you updates and then gives you the ability to search and find topics on Twitter.

Pow Pow Powder At Deer Valley

Well, I got to make some turns up at Deer Valley, and I have to say that after today, I have fallen in love with the place all over again. Deer Valley offers a veritable pantheon of great skiing. From the long and steep groomers, to the great beginner terrain, there is something for everyone. If you are lucky, you might even bump into Stein Erickson like me and mi amigo did today…

One of the secrets though, is the tree skiing… The acres and acres of tree skiing. Glades, tightly packed, aspens, pines, they are all there and open to your tight turns. When we started, we cruised over to the Perseverence Bowl, this is on the 9,400′ Bald Mountain. People like to jump over the edge at the first chance they get, instead cruise down the shoulder looking for the trees. You get about 400 feet of untouched, untracked powder before jumping into the trees. We were still cutting fresh new tracks late into the afternoon on this little gem. As you make your way through the tall pines, take a minute to soak in the surreal beauty, and then look forward to the the next 5-10 faceshots that you are going to get.

If you want something new to look at, and want to trade pines for aspens, cross over to the Lady Morgan bowl, on the other side of this world class resort. Head up Empire Express, and then ride the north shoulder, following the signs over towards the Lady Morgan Bowl. On the top of the ridge, follow it past all of the tracks, keeping your eyes on the untracked lines that lie just beyond some trees. Once again, tree/powder bliss. If you are lucky, you will see the little booter that was built sometime this summer. My buddy Josh that I rode with hit it a couple times in the following video, even going inverted, inbounds… Don’t tell ski patrol. :)

After riding all day, there was still tons of powder. We didn’t even make it over to the Lady Morgan Express lift, or the Daly Bowl/Chutes. Bottom line, if you are looking for powder, cruise up to Deer Valley. It might be your favorite day of the year.

Deer Valley -Powder Day from Jake Spurlock on Vimeo.

Snowboarders Escape Brighton Avalanche

Broken Snowboard

From ABC 4

Two buddies, eighteen and nineteen year old from Cottonwood Heights were snowboarding down fresh powder and triggered an avalanche. One of them made it down safely, but the second was caught in it.

The force of the avalanche broke his snowboard in half as he tumbled down the mountain face first, then feet first, and even hit trees before coming to a stop, half-way buried.

His buddy helped dig him out.

Both of the boarders are okay, but they did get a warning from rescuers that they are very lucky to be alive.

They were in a very dangerous area and signs were posted warning that there was no avalanche control in the area.

To check avalanche conditions, go to

Lets be safe people… When going out of bounds, wear a beacon, tell a friend, and practice avalanche safety.

Cottonwood Canyon Twitter Updates

Canyon Twitter Updates
Looking for up to date info on the status of the canyons? You can subscribe to email updates through the Salt Lake County webiste. If you are on Twitter, I created an account that pushes the email updates to Twitter. If you are like me, one more email in the inbox, and you want to pull your hair out…

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Deer Valley Powder

My friend (wife’s cousin’s husband) spent some time up at Deer Valley enjoying some gnar pow… He got a new video camera and wanted to share the love with the SkiUtah blog… Enjoy the freshies.

Josh Ragsdale

The day after Christmas we raced up to Deer Valley because over night they recieved 28 inches of blessed powder! We skied hard all day and Heather got some great pics of me jumping of cliffs, and I even did a back flip and landed and skied away, but the batteries were dead by then.

via Rags n’ Stuff: Happy New Year!.

Josh Ragsdale up at Deer Valley Utah from Jake Spurlock on Vimeo.

Beaver… Hidden Gem

When I read Kendall’s post about Beaver, I had to post this story from my brother who was up at Beaver last week… 
It was the second day of the season as my friends and I drove up the snowy Logan canyon. The locals had been bragging about this hidden treasure all summer long and I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about.
The beautiful mountain stood before us as we piled out of the car. It beckoned us with overwhelming amounts of powder.
The day couldn’t have been better. The powder lasted all day long. Run after run it was smooth, soft and absolutely perfect.
Throughout the day, we tried to cover as much ground as possible. The face lift was first and the south face runs came next. It was epic! 
Beaver has something for riders of every level. Tree runs, cat tracks and wide open lines are free and uncluttered by other riders. Harry’s Dream lift has plenty of powder with hardly anyone around. When you go, make time for Lue’s or Stan’s Bonanza. And when you can pry yourself away, head over to Marge’s Triple and get lost in some trees. It’s the best tree run I’ve ever been on.
Beaver is one of the best family resorts in Utah. It’s the ideal place for children to learn skiing or snowboarding. Plus, it’s the perfect mountain for families of all sizes to have a great day of skiing. There’s plenty of room for everyone. It’s just the locals and you, no crowds to worry about. And if you come back next season, you might just know the majority of the people on the mountain.
Once you’re done skiing, just head half an hour west and you’ll find yourself back in Logan. A few minutes east will place you in Bear Lake, eating some of the best burgers and raspberry shakes known to man.
Bottom line, Beaver will make a lasting impression on you. You will not forget the freedom this mountain provides. The friendly staff, the warm, new lodge and the endless runs of pure powder will leave you breathless, excited for more.
Pictures are stuck somewhere, will be added soon.


My Canlas Knockoff...
Many of you that know me and read this blog, (namely Melissa), know that I am totally enamored by the photography of Jonathan Canlas. He is local of Lehi, yet renowned in the world of photography. Since I started following his blog, I have been dying to get my hands on a Holga, and have resisted the temptation every time that I have gone into Urban Outfitters for some time now. So, to my Amazon Wishlist it would go; in hopes that someday I would get one. Imagine my excitement when I opened a packeage today from Eric, my brother-in-law. He pulled it off the list and got  me one for Christmas. So then today I was looking across Jon’s blog, trying to find the kind of film that he uses, I came across this gem:


Kitsch is a German term that has been used to categorize art that is considered an inferior copy of an existing style. The term is also used more loosely in referring to any art that is pretentious or in bad taste, and also commercially produced items that are considered trite or crass.

Because the word was brought into use as a response to a large amount of art in the 19th century where the aesthetic of art work was confused with a sense of exaggerated sentimentality or melodrama, kitsch is most closely associated with art that is sentimental; however, it can be used to refer to any type of art that is deficient for similar reasons—whether it tries to appear sentimental, glamorous, theatrical, or creative, kitsch is said to be a gesture imitative of the superficial appearances of art. It is often said that kitsch relies on merely repeating convention and formula, lacking the sense of creativity and originality displayed in genuine art.

Though kitsch and kitschy may be terms used to criticize, the term is sometimes used as a compliment as well, with some finding kitschy artwork to be enjoyable for its “retro” value or unintentional, ironic humor or garishness. 

via Jonathan Canlas Photography: Las Vegas.

That is exactly what I am going for. To say that I want to be more like Jon would be an understatement. I love the style, and try to mimic it. It makes me want to be a better photographer.

So Jon, thanks for taking some kitschy photos.

Brighton Powder Day

Great Western

Well, it happened, the whole mountain is open at Brighton. That’s right, from Great Western, all the way over to the slippery slopes of Mt. Millicent; Brighton is all the way open. When I pulled into the parking lot today, Millie was running, but seemingly without any passengers. The lot fellers pointed me over towards Great Western, and I ran up the hill. Probably my favorite part of the day was charging down the face, being a little to confident in my turn, and falling over backwards and sliding down the hill. 

That’s right. I fell.



I got down to the lift to hear that Millie had just opened. Sweeter words had never passed my ears. After taking the short route across the parking lot, I found 21″ of fresh, new, virgin snow waiting for me. Christmas came early. 

Milly Express

The ride up Milly was quick. Even after a year, I don’t think that I am used to having a high-speed quad over on Milly.

Mt. Millicent

With even more Snow in the forecast, this makes for a great week of skiing.