Woodward Park City

While in Utah for the Green River float trip, we spent a day at Woodward Park City. I have been dreaming about a Woodward trip since I was a kid, I was super jealous of the friends that went there or High Cascade Snowboard Camp. The park has been around in some form for the last 20+ years. During the Olympics in 2002, it was converted into a terrain park and as pass holders to PCMR, we had access. They have added a ton of mountain biking trails and a huge indoor campus.

The indoor campus has three main sections. A huge concrete skatepark.

Next to the skatepark is a huge parkour/gymnastics area with a spring floor, trampolines, and foam pits. Hailey jumped from the second-story cafeteria into the foam pit below.

The last area was a huge quarter pipe area that led to foam pits and airbags for learning tricks. Rush spent the most time there, working on getting huge air on his scooter. Melissa, Hailey, and even this guy tried a few times.

The morning was spent outside on their biking trails. Rush is really progressing, and getting fast on bikes. Logan was getting more air (and really scared me with a big crash…)

Fun day!

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