Some notes from #FluentConf 2015

Had the chance to go to Fluent yesterday, and I found the experience wonderful. Thanks to Joshua Simmons for hooking me up with a ticket.

Steve Souders

  • Small Teams (Product + Design + Development)
  • Prototype Early
  • Measure performance from the start
  • Define performance budget
  • Budget like start render time
  • Surface data live on the page
    • We should really do something like this at WIRED
    • onLoad is a 1.0 metrics
  • Custom Metrics, define more important elements on the page
  • Javascript Forensics

Todd H Gardner — {Track:JS}

  • crossorigin=”anonymous” to allows cors error tacking
  • Third party errors
  • Cannon read property of undefined errors
  • Context “this” error
  • Place of origin, functional arguments
  • Loading “The Edge” Error, what happens when something doesn’t load?
  • Verify and fallback load scripts.
  • Crashing Browser
  • Leaky memory error, detached elements
  • for a three month demo

High Performance Web Socket — Wesley Hales

When you send a message over a WebSocket connections, you have to think about everything. Subprotocols, fallbacks, network…

You might not need a web socket article…

The idea: Facilitating live content and the create on real-time games.

High performance hurdles:

  • Server side connections
  • Networks and proies
  • Subprotocols
  • Time
  • Services vs. Frameworks
  • Use TLS. Of course.


Reactive, Composable UIs with React: One Year Later

  • How is that not slow?
  • Functional over OO

Was really running out of laptop battery here…

The accessibility talk here was amazing.

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