Oh Mormons…

-Further controversy arose from remarks made by BYU professor Randy Bott to the Washington Post about black people and the priesthood, comments many Mormons found embarrassing and borderline racist. The situation worsened when Bott called a press conference to clarify his views: While approaching the stage, the professor tripped and fell into a nearby fireplace, covering his face in dark soot. Half blinded, he mistakenly grabbed a fried chicken leg from an unattended KFC bucket, mistaking it for a microphone, and stumbled toward the podium. Just then Bott’s phone rang and his ringtone, a 30’s ragtime hit, blared. Meanwhile, the press mistook his floundering for “some kind of comic dance routine” AP, and the ensuing remarks were drowned out by boos.

This post was written with tongue, firmly planted in cheek.

via From Mitt to Musicals: A Mormon Moment Postmortem « By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog.

Author: Jake Spurlock

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