My Nerd Life Has Never Been More Confusing

Is the Nexus 7 an iPad killer? No.

Is it an iPad mini killer? No.

But it doesn’t have to be. Android has — in many people’s mind — offered an alternative to iOS for those who don’t want to be in Apple’s ecosystem.

As an Apple nerd, I ordered a Nexus 7 as an easy way to keep up with what Google’s up to. I didn’t expect to enjoy using it, but I have. I can’t tell if it’s the form factor, the fact that’s it’s still new, or Android 4.1, but I really haven’t found much that this thing can’t do in my normal workflow. I use my iPad for reading, surfing, email and Twitter. That’s about it. The Nexus 7 does all of these things well.

As a card-carrying member of the Apple Fanboy Brotherhood TM, I’ve never found my nerd life so confusing.

I feel the same. It just works. For years I have been tied into Google services, and they all work for me. I’ve also been tied into Apple too. The apps that I use often on my iPad, are there on my Nexus. (Twitter, Facebook, Extreme Skate 2 [Don’t knock it. It’s awesome], Google Reader, and Spotify)

What I really miss on the iPad is tying into my Apple TV and Airport. But, I hear there are some apps for that…

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Author: Jake Spurlock

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