Email at work…

I have been at Make now for three months. It has flown by. What has surprised me the most (probably as a result of having a Marine as a boss previously [He didn’t like it, and never read his email.]) was the amount of email that has been sent around.

Here are the stats:

  • Received: 4336
  • Sent: 1184
  • Days worked: 98
  • Avg received per day: 44.244
  • Avg. sent per day: 12.081

I wanted to get some stats on IM, and couldn’t really generate any kind of line report. I did figure out a way to print up all of the chat logs into a PDF and then generate a PDF report. I was thinking maybe 50 pages or so, but it weighed in at 401 pages!

I suppose not all of that was work related. Melissa I send a lot of love notes back and forth…

Author: Jake Spurlock

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