The Fixie Build Part 1

This post is part of a series,  see part number two here, and three here.

So, I have been enamored with Fixies for a long time. For the uninitiated, a fixie is a bike that has a fixed hub. What this means is that with every turn of the wheel, there is a turn of the pedals. This also means that there is no coasting, as the hub of the wheel is locked in place.

So, my friend Tyrel’s wife works at the D.I., I told him to keep his eyes peeled for an old road bike that might come in. I want to find one that I convert to a fixie. So, much to my surprise, Tyrel texted me letting my know that there was a fixie in the store, and for only for $35. Hey, for that price, I can’t say no. Just one problem, it was missing a seat…

That was only a temporary. I took it over to Epic Biking this afternoon and got a seat and stem for $20. Not a bad deal at all. Dan always hooks me up…

This evening, I ran by Walmart to pick up a few supplies for the bike. The plan right now is to strip all of the paint down, lay a few coats of matte black, then a few coats of flat clear coat on it. Trying to decide on other colors/decals. Any ideas? I think a pink frame like Kendall has got would be rad, but I think I am going to keep it a little more tame.

I am open to suggestions though!

I started stripping paint this evening. Going to take a few hours for that. Don’t know if my drill will forgive me. Might have to step up to the a grinding pad that I can use with my angle grinder. I’ll keep posting updates.

Future things todo:

  • New tires
  • New grips (bmx style)
  • New pedals
  • Clean rust from rims
  • Custom graphics/emblems (Hey, my brother has a vinyl cutter!)
  • Drop bars?

This post is part of a series,  see part number two here, and three here.


  1. You need to get a no rise stem or the kids will make fun of you.

    I just had a bike powdercoated. Red Barron Red. It looks SWEET!


  2. You could paint it black and use pink decals. And for the handlebars you should get riser mountain bike bars and cut them down shorter with the BMX grips.

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