So Fresh…

and so clean…

Well, another day, another WordPress theme. In my head, I wanted to design a super clean and simple WordPress theme.

The result is So Fresh…

So Fresh...




  1. Hi Jake,

    I’m trying out this theme, but it seems my sidebar is simply not appearing. Any idea why? I’m stuffing it full of widgets to test, but nothing’s turning up. I have a feeling it’s something really silly and obvious, but it’s got me beat. URL is http://grj.WAGNER-JONES.COM/

  2. (I just left a message, I’ve sorted the problem. I trawled through the ‘sidebar.php’ file and deleted the Byline code. The sidebar then automagically appeared.

  3. I need some help getting photo’s on the main page of so fresh. I am very new to WordPress. Like today is my first day on earth kind of new, but any help would be appreciated.

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