Favorite Software and Hardware

Lifehacker.com posted their editors favorite software and hardware. I thought it would be fun to follow suit, and share some of my favorites.

The Basics

  • Safari. I know a lot of people really love Firefox, but for me, Safari is faster and looks a lot better. I love how the tabs work, and the clean interface. Nuff said.
  • For web development, I keep it simple with BBEdit, and Cyberduck. Find the file, ?-K, and I am editing the doc in BBEdit.
  • For me, Photoshop and Illustrator are tools of the trade. I don’t use much else of CS3, but those two alone make everything worth while.
  • Aperture. I love photography, and while taking the picture is a lot of fun, for me post processing is 90% of the fun.
  • Final Cut Studio. Video, it’s a passion.
  • Growl, system-wide updates.
  • Inquisitor, search made simple and fast.
  • iChat, Google Talk, and AIM all in one.

Primary OS

OSX 10.5.4. If you want to see me in pain, ask me a Windows question. Seriously, I am WIndows Stupid.


I am using a 15″  MacBook Pro as my primary computer. I also have a 20″ iMac whose hard drive is on the fritz. There is a 12″ Powerbook that stays in the living room as a backup for browsing for recipes when we are watching the Food Network. Also a few hard drives laying around that have backups of everything that isn’t important if the hard drive were to go out in the primary computer. (Maybe that happened…)


I have a spare Mighty Mouse that I keep in my bag. It is only used if a Call of Duty session comes up. I have Fon router that has a public and a private SSID. With the new laptop purchase, I got a free Canon MP460 printer/scanner deal. Supposedly, it prints really nice photos. We’ll see. I guess that in addition to peripherals, I would add the 8 gb iPhone,  16 gb iPod touch, 30gb iPod video, 4 gb iPod Mini. 



  • Gmail, love the interface. I have it tweaked with all kinds of fun tools.
  • Google Reader. Have a hard time getting through the day without spending time here.
  • Facebook. What, you didn’t expect it?
  • WordPress. I love WordPress, thanks to Joseph Scott for buttons, t-shirts, and stickers.



Well, there it is. I like to think that I keep it pretty simple, maybe you would think otherwise.

Author: Jake Spurlock

Jake is a geek, designer, HTML+CSS lover. Taker of photos, and sometimes skiing and biking... He spends his time day dreaming new WordPress themes and camping with the Boy Scouts. For some random posts, check out the link blog.

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