A little bit about me and Melissa.

Here is a sample of how we communicate during the day:
Google Talk IM

2:06 PM
Melissa: Link
me: Well pin a rose on your nose.
Melissa: i think i will
did you read the whole article?
me: Is there going to be a quiz?
Melissa: i just want you to read it!
come on, for once accounting is finally being recognized as COOL. is it too much work for you to read to the end?
me: “Fraud investigation sounds sexy, especially to the younger generation. It’s a bit of a twist on traditional accounting roles, which are often seen as boring. The idea of chasing down the bad guys sounds much more interesting than adding up a column of numbers.”
= not true.
Still pushing numbers.
Melissa: whatever. you don’t know.
me: I know you come home everyday with a natural high about how cool accounting is… But for the rest of us that are more inclined to be right brained…
Melissa: “the rest of us”?
me: ๐Ÿ˜‰
Melissa: it’s so easy to shove people in a category and never re-think their image
you’re just like all the rest of them
me: “the rest of them”?
Melissa: EXACTLY
i said that on purpose
me: Doubt it.

Author: Jake Spurlock

Jake is a geek, designer, HTML+CSS lover. Taker of photos, and sometimes skiing and biking... He spends his time day dreaming new WordPress themes and camping with the Boy Scouts. For some random posts, check out the link blog.

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