A little bit about me and Melissa.

Here is a sample of how we communicate during the day:
Google Talk IM

2:06 PM
Melissa: Link
me: Well pin a rose on your nose.
Melissa: i think i will
did you read the whole article?
me: Is there going to be a quiz?
Melissa: i just want you to read it!
come on, for once accounting is finally being recognized as COOL. is it too much work for you to read to the end?
me: “Fraud investigation sounds sexy, especially to the younger generation. It’s a bit of a twist on traditional accounting roles, which are often seen as boring. The idea of chasing down the bad guys sounds much more interesting than adding up a column of numbers.”
= not true.
Still pushing numbers.
Melissa: whatever. you don’t know.
me: I know you come home everyday with a natural high about how cool accounting is… But for the rest of us that are more inclined to be right brained…
Melissa: “the rest of us”?
me: 😉
Melissa: it’s so easy to shove people in a category and never re-think their image
you’re just like all the rest of them
me: “the rest of them”?
Melissa: EXACTLY
i said that on purpose
me: Doubt it.

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