What’s Inside Google Glass?

What’s Inside Google Glass?

Google’s latest and hottest gadget needs little introduction. Since its public unveiling in April 2012, the tiny head-mounted Android computer has been collecting controversy and sociological analysis. It is currently available in limited beta to eminent members of the tech community and to a selection of “Glass Explorers”. As members of the latter program, we are delighted to be able to explore Glass.


Google Glass Teardown


Full teardown over at Catwig.com

Could Google Glass Secure Better Services in the Future? #fluentconf

Could Google Glass Secure Better Services in the Future?

This is kind of a random article that went up after doing an interview with Silicon Garage today at Fluent. I’m wondering if they have some kind of article generation service that writes the content while watching the video. Anyways, more press!

Glass Questions

Glass Questions

Do They Meet a Need?
Seems pretty ob­vi­ous to me; I’m damn sick of haul­ing out my mo­bile to find out what time it is, or to check on my next meet­ing, or to glance at a map, or to snap a quick photo of an in­ter­est­ing street­light or what­ever.
Will They Suc­ceed?
I haven’t got the vaguest. They need work on power con­sump­tion and soft­ware fit/fin­ish and sync­ing and lots of other things, and the man­u­fac­tur­ing cost needs to come way, way down.

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I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates

But I walked away convinced that this wasn’t just one of Google’s weird flights of fancy. The more I used Glass the more it made sense to me; the more I wanted it. If the team had told me I could sign up to have my current glasses augmented with Glass technology, I would have put pen to paper (and money in their hands) right then and there. And it’s that kind of stuff that will make the difference between this being a niche device for geeks and a product that everyone wants to experience.

After a few hours with Glass, I’ve decided that the question is no longer ‘if,’ but ‘when?’

I can’t wait to get my hands on these…

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