Dirt Jumping

Went biking with some friends the other day so we had to bust out the camera and take some pics.







Had fun editing these. Would anyone be interested in a screencast about how to make sequenced photos like this?


  1. We did shoot some video. I just bought one of those Flip Mino HD cameras and am loving how easy it is to get nice video. I have a big Canon HV20 that I love shooting with, but the size makes it such a pain to pull out. This week I am going to make a handlebar/helmet mount for the Flip.

  2. Would you be ineterested in letting me know where these are exactly? I live in SLC, and would like to come check those out. Thanks.

      1. Sweet. Thanks man. I just found the website for that bike park. Looks so fun. It’s funny because I was doing research to see if there was an area to build something like this down there…. but it’s already been done. Cheers.

  3. Hi jake,i like your photos.can you give me a little lessons for making this photos?it looks like a pieces by pieces picture on the same times.its so interesting, great editing jake

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