Family Pics… Bain Style.

Now, I have been part of the Bain family for a few years now. Every time we get the whole family together it is mess trying to get everyone happy, and the a good picture as a result.

We tried to change all of that this time.

 We took turns doing the framing, and I set up the camera on a tripod. I used a little remote that I picked up to trigger the camera on a three second delay. (Enough to hide the remote) I think that they turned out really well.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments…

Author: Jake Spurlock

Jake is a geek, designer, HTML+CSS lover. Taker of photos, and sometimes skiing and biking... He spends his time day dreaming new WordPress themes and camping with the Boy Scouts. For some random posts, check out the link blog.

2 thoughts on “Family Pics… Bain Style.”

  1. I liked the red background. No I loved the background. There is too much white with white shirts and white background. What was the red building? It was amazing and made things crisp. All good pics.

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