Welcome to UVU!

Welcome to the UVU Digital Media page. Here you can find a multitude of information about this amazing field of study and information. Digital Media as a major is a program that is relatively new, because that is how the field is. The internet, as we know it, is only about fifteen years old. Digital video cameras, just little older then that. If you are searching for an engaging education, this is the place for you. This was a demo for a website that I made…

Installing Leopard

Just got done with the Leaopard install. All said and done, it took about two and a half hours. I was hoping that it might be a little quicker, but not terrible. After watching the Guided Tour, I was a little more excited for the install. It is neat to see the enhancements that were made since I received a beta in August 2006.Here is to the future.

Tools Are For Building

I just read a great post from Richard K. Miller about Apple’s OSX Leopard that is being released Friday, the 26th of October. He says:

I thought my strong interest in the new operating system was justified since I’m going to take the opportunity to replace my 4½ year old Titanium Powerbook with a new Leopard-powered notebook. But then I got thinking, it’s just a tool. Using a Mac isn’t my goal per se. I might as well get exciting about all the tools at Home Depot — and I do — but if I don’t build anything with them, they’re useless.

It is an interesting thought. A lot of my fellow students feel the same way about technology. They are known to say things along the lines of, “If I had a better camera, if I had a faster computer,” and so on. I met a bunch of students at Collins College a few months ago, and was really disappointed watching their reels. Many were short, and lacked good content, and when asked why, they responded that they haven’t been involved in that many projects. I couldn’t believe it. Why, if you are at film school, and you have all of the tools in the world, are you not out building a better reel?The problem I think is not knowing the tool.The thought needs to be different. Learn, the tool, and then use the tool.Richard says to:

Use whatever tools work best for you, but use tools to build something.