Taking A Look At MarsEdit

Picture 1-1.pngI love online services. Recently, I have been looking for more client based systems to help me be more productive. I have spent a lot of time surfing the internet, only to go to many pages over and over again, looking for updates, when I could have been using an RSS reader all along. So, I picked up NetNewsWire, and have been pleasantly surprised at how I stay more on task. With that, I took a look at MarsEdit, and have to say how happy I am with it. I can type a blog, pull content from Safari, show what I have been listening too (Currently playing in iTunes: Above Ground by Norah Jones). Quite the app.



Picture 1.pngI have to say, that I am a huge fan of the Office. Tonight’s episode was a great one. What was surprising was realizing that B.J. Novak, who’s character is Ryan the no-longer-temp is also the writer of many episodes. What a cool thing! I read an article where Kate Flannery (Meredith) wrote saying that while everyone is fooling around on MySpace, he is writing the episode for next weeks shoot. Awesome… And he happens to be a Mac user as well…

$45 For A Movie?

Picture 2.pngI admit, openly, that I love to ski. And, always trying to be as die-hard as I can, try to make the annual trip to the Warren Miller movie. More recently I have a hard time justifying spending $45 for two tickets to a movie… The only justification that I can find is that by doing so, I am going to get two free tickets to the canyons. So, is the value in the movie or the tickets? I suppose that people go for the movie, but, like me, appreciate the film, and then enjoy a day on the slopes as a wonderful result of a grossly overpriced movie ticket.

A Question For A Career

I have this nagging thought inside my brain that tell me I will never have a full-fledged career. Sure, I have no doubt that I will be successful, and that I will work hard for the duration of my life. The problem lies in what to make of a career. 

From the time that I was brought up, I was taught to get an education, and from an education, I would get a great job. A job that would give me a salary, and insurance. With said job, my wife could live at home, and be content bearing, and raising children. The older I have gotten, bear in mind that I am only 23, the more I see that as a great fallacy. Perhaps only to push people into lofty goals of educational, and professional grandeur. 

Life as it seems, is more then just education and careers. It is determined by struggle and affliction. At the time of education, we are to take great risks and stretch beyond the limits of an education. We are to reach out and ennoble our selves into the great task beyond that of learning, but living. Living is more then reading and writing, but growing into a greater person. Thus, upon graduation, and entering into a profession, we do not work, but continue to labor and to grow more. If we do not, we have nothing to gain, and are no greater then the ants that slave all day only to stay alive.

So, as to a full-fledged career, I think that life will take me in a slighter different path. I hope that it is a journey, from one place to the next. Growing, learning, and adapting from one outlet to the next. Whether it be in tech, film, business, consulting or anything, life is a journey… So dig it.

Trunk or Treating

Well, tonight Melissa and I headed over to the church building for some good old fasioned trunk or treating. It was fun to see some of the folks from the ward, and their cute kids. If you can’t tell, we tried to go as iPod ads. We got some funny looks from some people. To help out some of the older folks from the ward, I took my laptop, and put on loop one of the iPod ads. It was pretty fun.

Hello All

This is the start of the blog for Jake and Melissa. We will use this site to post updates about the our lives, and allow us the chance to keep in better touch with our family. As it stands now, Melissa is about done with school, and we are excited about what the next few months will bring. Hopefully we (Melissa) can make it through school without to many problems.

New Apple Media Center

This was taken from a post in Macworld online. It looks as if there will be a new Media Center for living room, and it doesn’t have a 20 Inch screen.

First: The reason for the silent Mac mini update is because it doesn’t matter until it is upgraded to G5.

Second: The article refers to an Apple Media Center that would include the features of the new iMac, with Front Row and Photo Booth. Ssshhh… it’s coming. Modeled as a set top version of the XServe, the Apple Media Center will be a Dual processor, Intel dual core system (yes, that’s right – quad speed) with two 500 GB internal drives. It will plug into your existing DVI monitor (or adapter will connect to most televisions manufactured in the last year). HD ready with Remote Control. There is also an iPod dock built into the top on the left side. These are just a few of the cool things being discussed.


Planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The four ideals of persuasive management. Do managers really earn money for business or do they just cost money? Are these ideals effectively taught and practiced in business, or are they sidelined for radical ideas that destroy trust between employees and management? Without the right training for management there can be no real accountability to those that they supervise. So what must be done? We will rely upon these four traits of good leaders throughout the course of this paper, and it will be my effort to show that when using these, productivity, along with morale is improved.

Planning. An important lesson in planning can be learned from the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. As Alice looked for a way out of Wonderland, she came to a fork in the road. “Which road should I take?” she asked the Cheshire Cat. “Where are you going?” the cat responded. Alice said she didn’t know. The smiling cat gave her this reply, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Ken Blanchard, author of the One-Minute Manager series says that an important way to motivate your people is to make sure they know where they are going. It is important to see that each persons goals are clearly defined and he or she knows what good performance looks like. This will give them a clear focus for their energy and put them on the road to becoming high performing, empowered producers.

Organizing. The great minster of positive thinking Norman Peale offered this suggestion for organizing. At his ninetieth birthday party, shared a story about a man that he had met on a plane. The man looked worried so Norman decided to engage in a conversation. “What’s wrong?” he asked. After some coaxing, the man shared that he had just received a promotion, but had doubts about whether he had what it would take to be able to the job. “Yes you do!” stated Dr. Peale. “How do you know?” the man replied. “You do if you think you do.’ Then he encouraged the man to start each day by chanting “Think big! Act big! Be big!” By the time they landed the man was in a different frame of mind. It is important as we work to lead others by effectively planning, we have to have to be our own best friend, and believe in ourself. Then we can have the esteem to organize well.

Leading. If you are not sure how much direction to give others for a certain task, it is always better to over-supervise then to under-supervise. Why? Because if you find your people are better than you thought, and you loosen up, they will like you, and respond in a positive way. It also helps as you seek to communicate your growing respect for the quality of work your people are producing.

Controlling. As the saying goes, anything worth doing does not have to be done perfectly–at first. Managers should recognize that good performance, both their own, and others, is a journey, not a destination. Everyone learns by doing. It takes time and practice to achieve specific goals.

So we see that when attention is paid to the specific details of leadership, namely here:planning, organizing, leading and controlling, management can be productive, and create a harmony between themselves, and leadership.