I saw this ad on Facebook and had to laugh. Normally, due to Facebook’s “Social Ads”, I get a lot of American Apparel ads that show girls in their underwear. (They must know that I am a dude, and therefore likely to click on there ad.) This time though, they felt the need to advertise a unisex shirt, and to do so by finding the most unisex model they could find. As a side note, facial hair does not necessarily mean it is a dude… The only thing that would have been more androgynous would be to have Pat and Chris, or Tilda Swinton.

WordCamp Utah

I am really excited to be part of WordCamp Utah this year. I was asked by Joseph Scott to handle video production for the event. To make this event extra special, and more open and accessible to everyone, I have decided to stream all sessions using UStream.tv. The official channel can be located here. To add to the awesomeness of the event I thought I would detail some of the technical details surrounding doing to a multicam, livecast of the event. Details to follow.

Event Specifics:

When? Saturday 27 September 2008
Where? Novell (1800 Novell Place) Open Source Technology Center in Provo, Utah — Map
Why? Bring together people interested in WordPress, blogging (and the web in general) to talk about what’s possible, where’s it going.
Hope to see you there!