Email at work…

I have been at Make now for three months. It has flown by. What has surprised me the most (probably as a result of having a Marine as a boss previously [He didn’t like it, and never read his email.]) was the amount of email that has been sent around.

Here are the stats:

  • Received: 4336
  • Sent: 1184
  • Days worked: 98
  • Avg received per day: 44.244
  • Avg. sent per day: 12.081

I wanted to get some stats on IM, and couldn’t really generate any kind of line report. I did figure out a way to print up all of the chat logs into a PDF and then generate a PDF report. I was thinking maybe 50 pages or so, but it weighed in at 401 pages!

I suppose not all of that was work related. Melissa I send a lot of love notes back and forth…


One of my favorite things about WordPress is its extensibility. We’re on the same platform today as yesterday, but have built new tools for writers and editors. Featured and pinned articles get expiration dates, so editors don’t have to go back and manually un-feature things. Selecting a post layout is as simple as clicking a button. Automated resizing of images means faster load times and fewer distorted photos. And choosing which articles go on the home page is a single-click affair.

Really loving the new design of TechCrunch. It is getting a lot of heat, but I like the change. Looks nice. Would love to steer Make in a similar direction.

via: Redesigning TechCrunch: We Picked This Logo Just to Piss You Off