Author: Jake Spurlock

Ten Rules of Success

This was originally from a talk that Adam Savage gave at Boing Boing: Ingenuity over the weekend, it was being passed around the office as something that we have been striving for here at MAKE recently. Wanted to share, as a reminder of what I should be striving for. Get good at something Really good. […]


Butterick’s Practical Typography

If that’s im­pos­si­ble, you can still make good ty­pog­ra­phy with sys­tem fonts. But choose wise­ly. And nev­er choose Times New Roman or Arial, as those fonts are fa­vored only by the ap­a­thet­ic and slop­py. Not by ty­pog­ra­phers. Not by you. Delightful site with the promise that, (a)s you put these five rules to work, you’ll no­tice your […]