Month: June 2018




RT @World_Wide_Wob: Westbrook throwing a…

Westbrook throwing a party to celebrate the return of Paul George and Melo, where everyone gets sent home after the…

RT @JoelEmbiid: The Lakers are…

The Lakers are FOREVER gonna be Kobe’s and Magic’s team…. Process that

Checked in at REI

Checked in at REI.

Checked in at 7-Eleven

Checked in at 7-Eleven.

RT @danblackroyd: And a baker’s…

And a baker's job is to bake. And a county clerk's job is to issue marriage licenses to people who legally qualify…

Pretty f’n hot today.

Pretty f’n hot today.

Checked in at Ace Hardware

Checked in at Ace Hardware.

RT @serenawilliams: 2 days until…

2 days until #Wimbledon

Just in case no one’s told you yet today, I want to remind you that you are greater than y…

So is he.

So is he.

So is he.