Month: March 2017

@ThisIsTheDuke “Totally not racist/polygamist/homophobic anymore!” “April…

@ThisIsTheDuke "Totally not racist/polygamist/homophobic anymore!"

"April Fools!"


RT @bendreyfuss: This is the…

This is the best Trump tweet

Checked in at Washington Hospital

Checked in at Washington Hospital.

@BillSimmons Dope!

@BillSimmons Dope!

@DireWolf11 Nothing left in the…

@DireWolf11 Nothing left in the tank…

@DireWolf11 Aren’t the Bulls supposed…

@DireWolf11 Aren't the Bulls supposed to be tanking?

RT @BWJones: There are others…

There are others in team Trump who are in direct and immediate jeopardy of spending time in prison.

Get in line an…

@Jesse dent puller.

@Jesse dent puller.

RT @StephenCurry30: Coming soon: I’m…

Coming soon: I'm bringing my shot to @serenawilliams in an epic ping-pong match by @Chase. Tap to join my team. #ad

RT @samesfandiari: @ThompsonScribe (•_•) <) …


<) )? No
/ \

( •_•)
\( (> Triple
/ \

<) )?Doubles!
/ \