Month: October 2015

Checked in at California Rider Education

Checked in at California Rider Education.


Checked in at The Home Depot

Checked in at The Home Depot.

Whoa, remember when @benchirlin had…

Whoa, remember when @benchirlin had way short hair, and was beardless? Handsome doode.

@BYUSportsNation Cougars Turn to the…

@BYUSportsNation Cougars Turn to the Run Game, 17 Point Win over UConn. #BYUSN

RT @kadamwhite: We just released…

RT @kadamwhite: We just released the node wordpress-rest-api client v0.5, featuring nonce authentication (props @gerhardsletten) https://t.…

New technology comes at us so quickly now, and with so much hype that it’s reasonable to wonder if it’s real and truly transformative. (Consider Google Glass or the Segway.) So this is what you should know about the technology behind self-driving, fully autonomous vehicles: It’s real. It’s transformative. It’s coming. A future without human drivers is a long, long way off. But we’ll get there. No matter what you think. No matter what you hope. No matter how you feel about it. Because the efficient, unemotional, necessary logic of cars that operate without human error and instability is unquestionable.

Google’s Cute Cars And The Ugly End Of Driving via

Checked in at In-N-Out Burger

Checked in at In-N-Out Burger.

Checked in at College of Alameda

Checked in at College of Alameda.

Motorcycle safety class! — with Ben

Great story about #Peeple. h/t to Mackenzie Hanks who is the authority on the matter!

The Original Peeple Is Having A Tough Week via

Lunch today.

Lunch today.