Jimmer Time!

Jimmer Time!

Jimmer Time!


The Oscars

For a long time now, I have look forward to the Oscars every year. I love the award show, but more importantly, I love the movies. Every year, I try to see the best of them, and love to play the show just like the March Madness brackets for basketball. Instead of throwing a party this year, (have a scout meetings…) I thought that we could track it online, and then I could do an award for whoever gets the most correct.

Sound fun? I mean everyone loves a giveaway right?

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My favorite Rush

So, on Pundit Kitchen today I saw this picture of Rush, and Rush.

Leading up to Rush’s birth, we weren’t sure about the name. It is a little different and aside from its use as a verb, the proper nouns that represent it areĀ awesome on one side, there is much to be desired on the other.

So, for people that know him now, Rush is a pretty awesome kid. I can’t believe that he will be two in a week. Better image below:

Rush, Rush Limbaugh, and Rush Spurlock