Month: May 2010

Content Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5 – My Experience

I’ll let the video fill in the blanks here. Please excuse my excitement.


How to use the digital color meter in web design

I put together a little tutorial about how I use the digital color meter in web design. Super handy trick if you are trying to find hex values for colors.

The Fixie Build Part 3

This post is part of a series, see part number one here, and two here.

Freshly partly assembled. (How is my noun/verb ratio going there?
Ready to ride
Picked up a new (to me) set of pedals at Epic biking. Dan charged me $5.00 for the rebuild of the bottom bracket and headset, and $7.50 for the pedals. Great guy.

This post is part of a series, see part number one here, and two here.

The Fixie Build Part 2

This post is part of a series,  see part number two here, and three here.

Got some more work done on the fixie this weekend. Started out by taking it all apart, then stripping the paint. Used sandpaper, a wirebrush, and some other tools.

Long story short, just paint over the top of it. There is absolutely no need to go through that much work. The paint covered just fine, regardless of how much sanding I done.

My little helper...

On the top tube of the bike, there were some guides for for brakes/shifting. Didn’t look that cool so with a hammer, ax, and a grinder, they were quickly no more…

After sanding and stripping paint, it was time for paint.

The vise was super helpful. Especially when painting the fork.

This post is part of a series,  see part number one here, and three here.

The Fixie Build Part 1

This post is part of a series,  see part number two here, and three here.

So, I have been enamored with Fixies for a long time. For the uninitiated, a fixie is a bike that has a fixed hub. What this means is that with every turn of the wheel, there is a turn of the pedals. This also means that there is no coasting, as the hub of the wheel is locked in place.

So, my friend Tyrel’s wife works at the D.I., I told him to keep his eyes peeled for an old road bike that might come in. I want to find one that I convert to a fixie. So, much to my surprise, Tyrel texted me letting my know that there was a fixie in the store, and for only for $35. Hey, for that price, I can’t say no. Just one problem, it was missing a seat…

That was only a temporary. I took it over to Epic Biking this afternoon and got a seat and stem for $20. Not a bad deal at all. Dan always hooks me up…

This evening, I ran by Walmart to pick up a few supplies for the bike. The plan right now is to strip all of the paint down, lay a few coats of matte black, then a few coats of flat clear coat on it. Trying to decide on other colors/decals. Any ideas? I think a pink frame like Kendall has got would be rad, but I think I am going to keep it a little more tame.

I am open to suggestions though!

I started stripping paint this evening. Going to take a few hours for that. Don’t know if my drill will forgive me. Might have to step up to the a grinding pad that I can use with my angle grinder. I’ll keep posting updates.

Future things todo:

  • New tires
  • New grips (bmx style)
  • New pedals
  • Clean rust from rims
  • Custom graphics/emblems (Hey, my brother has a vinyl cutter!)
  • Drop bars?

This post is part of a series,  see part number two here, and three here.

Catching Up

Haven’t been blogging in a while but I wanted to mention a few things, and try to get back in the swing of it.


Since October I have been working at Stevens-Henager College. Had some great experience teaching there. Due to the four week class schedules, I got to teach a lot of different classes namely: Web Design, HTML+CSS, Flash, Logo Design, Package Design, and Flash Animation.

A few months ago, I started working at the WordPress HelpCenter. The HelpCenter is a great facility helmed by Alex King and a child to his company Crowd Favorite. At the HelpCenter, we do WordPress theme support, and plugin support. After almost three months, I have worked on a ton of projects, everything from plugin support, theme hacks, all the way to theme design and full site builds. If you are a WordPress developer, if you are ever in a pinch, the HelpCenter is a great place to go for help. One phone call gets you years of WordPress experience and likely a quick fix to whatever ails you.

I have wanted to be able to work both jobs, as I really like teaching but something had to drop, (either my sanity, or one of my jobs…) so this week I will be leaving Stevens-Henager. With much coercing, I am going to stay at Stevens-Henager on an advisory board that will assist the faculty in developing curriculum in the web program at Stevens-Henager.


Last Friday was my five year anniversary. Hard to believe six years ago I met my wonderful wife. I feel so blessed, happy, and fortunate each day that I get to spend with her. And everyday that she puts up with me. 😉

Rush is doing well, growing everyday and finding new ways to test his Mom and Dad about what is right and wrong. Over the last few days we have seen some big advances as he has started walking more. What was a cautious shuffle of the feet has moved into multiple big steps. He loves the attention that we give him, and will be running in no time.


So, I didn’t win an iPad as part of the SEO contest but Cameron sent one of his Colosseo prints as a gift anyways. Namaste to you Cameron.