Month: September 2008

WordCamp Utah

I am really excited to be part of WordCamp Utah this year. I was asked by Joseph Scott to handle video production for the event. To make this event extra special, and more open and accessible to everyone, I have decided to stream all sessions using The official channel can be located here. To add to the awesomeness of the event I thought I would detail some of the technical details surrounding doing to a multicam, livecast of the event. Details to follow.

Event Specifics:

When? Saturday 27 September 2008
Where? Novell (1800 Novell Place) Open Source Technology Center in Provo, Utah — Map
Why? Bring together people interested in WordPress, blogging (and the web in general) to talk about what’s possible, where’s it going.
Hope to see you there!

Head Of Skate?

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.


Welcome, err… Bienvenidos.

The Blue

My friend Kendall Card is doing some writing for the Salt Lake Visitor Bureau and offered some guest postings to me. Is it really so weird to take pictures of food in a restaurant? You can read my post here.

Pirate Photographer

Melissa & Kenneth Linge

Creepy Portrait, originally uploaded by KellyB..

This last Saturday, Melissa and I had the great fortune to attend a session with international photographer, Kenneth Linge. He decided to play hide and seek with Melissa.

Utah Power

No Parking, That Means You.

Ty, yep.