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I thought that I would take a charge with LiveBlogging the Apple Special Event. Reminds me a lot of WWDC… Very Appley. 😉

So, the Apple Special event is about half an hour away, and I think that I saw the front of the line near the Venetian, but I think that I walked all the way to Colorado to the back… Kind of disconcerting.

Updates to come.

Update #1

Well, even after being in the very back of the line, I still managed to get a seat on the second row… Same uber-trendy music available that I would expect from Apple… this will probably get started in here in about ten minutes…

Update #2

I wonder how long it will take before Google shows me as a place for liveblogging the Special Event? It is getting a little more crowded as people start to show up. There is still a lot of seats though. To bad Mike and Juan couldn’t get in with me.

Update #3

Looks like they are gearing to get going here.

From MacRumors

9:55 am It is a MacWorld-style conference hall (aka very large). 3 Macs are on stage and set up to the right.

9:54 am People are being seated… “there are a lot of people. we thought we were far back on line, and then a ton more got on line. I think some people are going to be turned away”

Update #4

Rob Schoben
There is over 800,000 paid Final Cut users…
It’s a Final Cut World.
NAB Demo Reel… Wow.
Half Nelson, 300, Letters from Iwo Gima…

Update #5

Final Cut Server, built for Media Asset Management. Review and approve tools. and there are automated encoding and automation tools. Final Cuter Server is cross platform. Looks great.

Update #6

$999 for ten users, and and $1999 for unlimited seats.
Final Cut Studio 2
ProRes 4:2:2 New codec for HD
Sony has a new HDCAM deck that will work with this.
Panasonic AVC-Intra same thing…
AJA has a Hardware based product called the ioHD Looks sweet…

Update #7

Open Format timeline. Wow.
Smooth Cam one Final Cut
MoTrip, templates from Motion are editable in Final Cut.
Open Timeline wow…. there can not be enough wows here…

Update #8

Cameras and light sources from Motion and 3D.
Vector Based Paint
Match Moving
Audio Behaviors

Update #9

Motion looks great, can’t wait to get my hands on that.
Soundtrack ADR supposed to be better.
Surround sound mixing with Soundtrack
Lots of 5.1 plugins
The new hud for audio edit abilities are looking very nice…

Update #10

Neat Fireworks… Lol
Compressor is used for everything that is in the iTunes store.
Dynamic Overlays are now in Compressor.
Compressor 3 is 2.8x times faster then 2.
New GUI for Compressor

Update #11

No update to DVD Studio Pro
Same price
History Lesson on FCP
New product called Color
REal-time professional color grading.
Cohen Brothers use FCP for everything.
Cohen Brothers video
It looks like you will be able to use Aperture like effects in FCP

Update #12

Color looks great…
Tracking built in
Shake like interface. This must have been the acquisition of that color correcting company.
Wow. Can’t wait to play with Color.

Update #13

Color to be part of FCS2
Editing Unleashed
The reel one more time…
Great show.


  1. Dude… I am VERY excited about the Red. I did go to the booth, and have been following a number of sites religiously that are showing it in production and post. I think that this is the kind of object that will change how a lot of work is done in the industry, and will spur a new video revoulution… (Wow, I must really like it…) So, yes, I do think that it is that good. 😉

  2. What about the data transfer rate? My Uncle was saying that barring some crazy RAID system, there’s no system in place for the camera yet to handle the high bitrate that it pumps out in RAW format…

  3. It will be pretty intense, however, there is a codec that they supply that does real time down conversion to 2k or HD so that makes it possible to edit on something as simple as a MacBook Pro. You then conform your edits, and then output to 4K. They showed a 10 minute short that Peter Jackson shot, and said that about two hours of footage where kept on a 500 gb drive. With that kind of through put, Editing should be a breeze… In the best way that 4k editing can be.

    Red also announced that they would be making some smaller, 4k cameras in the near future. If they could pin something down in the sub-$10,000 price point, they would go huge. Every videographer with an Intel Mac suddenly has a camera that shoots better images then $100,000 plus pro cameras. And, all of the footage is editable without having to shell out another$10,000 on an HD deck for the camera. There are a lot of really cool possibilities.

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