8 thoughts on “Phlogging Day 13: Hee-Haw Farms”

  1. ah, yes. where the freak do people buy these things?! ps. if you’ve not seen Jerry Seinfeld’s schtick on Halloween candy from his “I’m telling you for the last time” DVD, you need to :) You and melissa should download it and cuddle up for a date night in front of the computer. It is hilarious.@Jake Spurlock

  2. Jake Jake Jake,
    Bit-O-Honeys have been making my October. Mmmm, they are so good. Luckily I didn’t read this until tonight, or else you would have been barred from entering our house. Wait, we really needed you. Still, I need Bit-O-Honeys. But candy corn is definitely gross, and I don’t know of a single person who can actually eat one of those giant peanuts. Yuck. Thanks for killing any late night candy cravings I had.

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